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Aerometric Middle East

Geospatial Services

For many years the Middle East has been missing a strong and efficient aerial photography company able to mobilise within the region at short notice and provide the services demanded by local clients.

Aerometric ME has invested in two modern aircraft, as well as camera and LiDAR systems, to ensure that a complete service can be offered and maintained.

Our client base covers a range of public and commercial bodies requiring accurate and up-to-date geospatial data to meet their responsibilities.

The modern world requires efficient development of urban areas to improve transport, social conditions and preserve the environment.  To achieve these aims local and national government organisations throughout the world require good quality base map information structures for their GIS and management systems.

Similarly commercial organisations need accurate information to both improve the provision of services to their customer base through infra-structure development, and broaden their customer base with new capabilities.

Our client organisations include:

National Government:

  • Military
  • Coastal & environmental monitoring


  • Urban development
  • Urban planning
  • Transportation
  • Social development
Transportation Authorities: Power & Utilities:
  • New roadways, railways, bridges
  • Roadway and railway improvement
  • Asset management
  • 3D simulations for traffic management
  • Proposed route surveys
  • Route upgrades
  • Condition assessment
  • Asset management